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Cannabis Analysis
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I have wondered about the THC levels in my Candew CPR Spray for years, and now I know. It turns out it is a different component in my cannabis oil that is responsible for the mind-blowing  effects it has on many of my customers, as well as myself.  cbd...Cannabidiol, and it appears to have the most medical benefits of all the components found in cannabis...and low psychoactive properties, so nobody will be impaired or jumping out windows. What they do get is real pain relief without the side effects of Pharmacuitical's....and now I understand why.

To say I am thrilled would really be an understatement. I have been slow to put this on the market because I did not know how much THC was in it, but over the years there have been several of my customers that had pain that nothing worked on and this did.


 A medical marijuana group Phoenix Green Cross did the GC Analysis because they were impressed with my product but needed confirmation of presence of cannabis. It turns out my CBD readings are as mindblowing as the results of using my makes me smile, and I hope it makes you think about cannabis a little different. 

Click on pictures to download and/or print. How can cannabinoids benefit you? There is so much more to cannabis than you know...Get Informed....please.

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